Hypnotherapy for Health and Covid-19 Anxiety. If you or a loved one is suffering, get in touch.

I am currently assisting many people by using Hypnotherapy, CBT, and Mindfulness for general health anxiety and Covid anxiety.

After the hardships of lockdown, although there has now been a welcome return to normality, the virus has left its mark in many different ways on the mental health of a great number of people.

Fears of infection, illness, bereavement, economic worries, hardships, and separation from family and friends have all left their mark and contributed to a huge rise in general health anxieties.

If you or a family member is suffering any kind of health and Covid-19 anxiety, get in touch.

How Health and Covid Anxiety may be affecting you.

The experience of the pandemic and the surrounding measures have resulted in a whole host of increased anxieties regarding our health. There has been a marked increase in fear of general health, with what might usually have been considered minor symptoms now being feared as the portent of something very serious or even fatal. There are many signs that you could be suffering from some measure of general health and Covid-19 anxiety:

  • Constant and intense self-monitoring for symptoms

    is a sign that health anxiety may begin to take over. This can take many forms but will commonly result in closely looking for marks on the skin, any internal pain or discomfort, or perhaps a cough or shortness of breath.

  • Domestic confinement stress

    the Covid lockdown has affected people of all ages and in all circumstances, and has often resulted in increased relationship tensions and conflict. There are also many people now fearing the outside world, with even the thought of venturing out sometimes inducing anxiety or panic.

  • A fear that health care might not be easily obtained

    and continued difficulties and restrictions in making GP appointments have also resulted in A & E services being overwhelmed. This, in turn, increases health anxiety, resulting in a hard-to-manage spiral of health anxiety.

  • Anxiety about the future

    appeared to be common. With employment, business, and educational opportunities being uncertain during the pandemic, and many households have used up savings during the lockdown, anxiety over short-, medium-, and long-term security is understandable.

I have really enjoyed our sessions and wanted you to know that you have helped me to reach exactly where I wanted to be – to feel peaceful and content, and able to feel and enjoy the fullness of life – from the easy moments to the challenging ones…. 9 months ago I believed it was possible, but I did not realise it would feel this good to be alive, and so quickly too.


My approach to helping manage Health and Covid-19 Anxiety.

Like any anxieties, general health and Covid anxiety-19 affect people in different ways, and an initial phone consultation where we can confidentially discuss your particular individual situation in detail and talk through all the options for treatment is always offered without any charge or obligation.

Having said this, my core therapies and tools all have a role in dealing with Covid-related Anxiety.

Hypnotherapy for Health and Covid-19 Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can be a highly effective method in dealing with issues around all general health anxieties. First, I will help you understand how to create a state of calmness and control by learning the gentle and highly effective art of self-hypnosis.

CBT for Health and Covid-19 Anxiety

CBT is a way of challenging the unhelpful patterns of thought you experience in certain situations. These thoughts might be a result of your fears or experience with symptoms (whether real or imagined), or on a fear of contamination. CBT is valuable in building a logical and powerful approach to managing your anxiety.

Mindfulness for Health and Covid-19 Anxiety

Learning to practice Mindfulness benefits anyone dealing with the many different forms of health anxiety or panic and if you’re suffering from these fears around your health, this simple ‘mental maintenance’ tool will help you to deal with unsettling thoughts and feelings as they present themselves.

Paul Levrant. Hypnotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness to help manage Health Anxiety and Covid Anxiety.

I have been assisting clients with health anxiety and panic since I began practicing it in 2008. While Covid Anxiety stems from a new situation, there is nothing exceptional or new about general health anxiety and the fears and discomfort it engenders.

Having come to training as a therapist in mid-life, I practice Hypnotherapy, CBT, and Mindfulness, which are relevant to helping clients deal with the psychological impacts of medical and health anxiety fears created through the pandemic.

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