My own free-to-use Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness resources.

There is no shortage of material available online to assist you in learning more about Hypnotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness.

Equally, there are excellent free or inexpensive resources available to help you to try to work on your anxiety or related condition yourself. You’ll find a library of these resources (not free, but at modest cost) here.

The videos and other resources below are my own, and you are welcome to use these in any way that is beneficial
to you, without cost. 

Covid-19 help.

Face-to-Face sessions are available once again in Highgate, Radlett and South Woodford (social distancing measures are in place at these locations).

Online video and phone sessions are also available with minimum wait times right now.

For your FREE consultation call 0800 246 1838 or fill in this form for an immediate call back.

There are also FREE resources below designed to alleviate anxiety that you are invited to download.

You are welcome to download these FREE COVID-19 anxiety resources help-sheets and audios for your own personal use and to share with friends and family.

*Please note: You are welcome to share these resources with your family and friends, but owing to copyright and related issues you may NOT repost them to social media platforms or other websites. We may lose the use of some or all of them if you do. Copyright in these resources resides with their respective owners.