Overcoming Phobias and Fears: The Synergy of Hypnotherapy and CBT.

Fears and phobias can arise under similar circumstances.

Fear is normally considered a proportionate emotional response to a real or perceived threat such as a spider, drowning, or great heights. Phobia elevates fear to a level at which it becomes so acute that it often disrupts life.

In this case, someone suffering from a phobia may go to excessive or even irrational lengths to avoid even the slightest risk of encountering the item or situation.

Encouragingly. Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are usually highly effective in managing both conditions.

How a phobias and fears may be affecting you.

We are all unique, and thus the causes of our phobias and fears vary greatly. For some, the cause may be traceable to trauma or a bad experience, while for others, it may derive from a less tangible memory or deep-seated belief.

  • Preventing participation in everyday activities is a common effect of fear or phobia. The idea of going out, confronting a dog, being in a crowd, or whatever your fear happens to be so threatening to you that the alternative – not doing things that could give rise to that situation–becomes your only option.
  • Worrying about passing on your phobia to your children is also extremely common, bringing with it both concern and guilt over the idea of handing down something that blights your own life.
  • Anger and frustrations in yourself – the erroneous feeling that you must just be “being silly” about whatever your fear, also occur with great regularity. 

Hi Paul, just thought I would let you know how I got on with my fear of flying following our sessions. In the 4 weeks of our holiday we completed 8 flights, 4 of which were over 10 hours each. I coped with all of them and only had a slight wobble on the the last one which quickly disappeared. I can’t say that flying is now my favourite thing but at least it is OK now!


My approach to phobias and fears.

Somewhere, and for some reason, you have developed associations that prevent you from thinking about the situation, action, or object of your phobia with what we might think of as ‘normal’ objectivity. We will address these problems using all of my core therapy tools.

Hypnotherapy for Phobias and Fears

Safe and always fully in your control, hypnotherapy is extremely useful in relaxing the subconscious to create a ‘safe space’ in which you can understand and confront your fears.

CBT for Phobias and Fears

Generally, I employ Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in combination with Hypnotherapy for phobias and fears, as this can assist us in addressing your current emotions and reactions, and play a major role in helping you reclaim control over your fear.

Mindfulness for Phobias and Fears

Even though Mindfulness is not a therapeutic technique, I consider it an incredibly useful ‘mind maintenance’ tool that can help you regain control over feelings of fear when they arise.

Dealing with a severe and debilitating spider phobia.

I was asked to help journalist Sian Gregory deal with a crippling phobia of spiders that blighted her life for many years.

Sian was determined to overcome this, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time as she became increasingly confident about her way to a really happy outcome.

BBC2 incorporated the process into their programme on lady pest controllers, from which this clip was taken.

Paul Levrant. Hypnotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness to treat phobias and fears.

For as long as I have been practising, I have been helping clients whose lives have been disrupted by phobia and fear. Having come to train as a therapist in mid-life following a long business career, I practice Hypnotherapy, CBT, and Mindfulness, each of which plays a role in overcoming these challenges.

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