East London's leading Hypnotherapist and CBT Practitioner providing Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in South Woodford

Are you seeking help with anxiety or any other emotional issues? I am an established Hypnotherapist in East London, and I practice from tranquil and secure consulting rooms in George Lane in South Woodford. Here, through a unique combination of hypnotherapy, CBT, and mindfulness training, we can work together to help you overcome the challenges that anxieties and other issues can present and to gain greater stability and control.

The methods I employ are completely safe, and always make sure that you feel comfortable and in complete control at all times. My approach is designed to ensure that you maintain full awareness throughout the entire session, and can gain the maximum benefit from our time together. Clinical Hypnotherapy is very different from ‘Stage Hypnotism’, and your security and comfort are the prime considerations and are guaranteed throughout.

South Woodford Hypnotherapist for anxiety

For those experiencing any form of anxiety, I invite you to contact me and arrange a free initial phone consultation. After this, we can schedule sessions at my consulting rooms in South Woodford, East London. I have extensive experience in Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and Mindfulness instruction, and anxiety relief is an area of special interest to me. Take the first step towards alleviating your anxiety by reaching out to me today.

Insomnia and Sleep Issues with Hypnotherapy in South Woodford

If you struggle to achieve restful sleep throughout the night, Hypnotherapy can offer a highly effective solution – even in cases where other methods have been unsuccessful. If you are interested in seeking help for your sleep issues at my South Woodford location in East London, please contact me to arrange a free initial phone consultation.

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy, South Woodford

As a Hypnotherapist in East London, I work with many clients who experience problems stopping smoking or who are struggling with beliefs that are making it more difficult for them to quit. If you need help with this, I’d be happy to talk through it with you. We can schedule a hypnotherapy session at my South Woodford location after a free initial consultation.

Depression hypnotherapy in South Woodford

As a hypnotherapist in South Woodford, I often see residents and employees struggling with depression. Hypnotherapy or CBT can provide a helpful next step for most people. I treat depressed patients both directly and through GP referrals. 

Hypnodieting: Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in East London

Hypnodieting can support you in making adjustments to your innate and learned behaviours if you are having trouble losing weight. As a result, even if you’ve been battling for years, it can help bring about astonishing outcomes. Call me to set up a free initial phone consultation. Following the discussion, we can easily and quickly schedule your Hypnodieting programme in South Woodford.

East London Stress Management Hypnotherapy

At South Woodford, I work with many individuals for whom Hypnotherapy for stress, CBT, and Mindfulness approaches can be an effective way of creating the skills needed for dealing with the challenges of modern life. Work, relationships, family life, academic studies, financial pressure, and other factors can all contribute to stress. 

I would highly recommend seeing Paul for anyone who experiences performance anxiety, be that on the sporting field or at work. Paul’s use of hypnotherapy and CBT techniques assist a better understanding of your own behaviours and how to change them where appropriate. His manner is warm and inviting, creating a supportive space in which to work – or just relax!


Paul Levrant. Hypnotherapy Expert in South Woodford, East London

I have been practicing as a Hypnotherapist in East London for several years following a productive but stressful business career. After extensive training to become a qualified therapist, I can now offer Hypnotherapy, CBT, and Mindfulness training as well as many other approaches and techniques to private clients in South Woodford. In addition to my South Woodford consultation rooms, I also see clients in Highgate, North London, and Radlett, Hertfordshire.


Help in overcoming anxiety and other problems through positive suggestions introduced while in an induced state of suggestibility.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. An effective approach to help manage depression and anxiety by changing the way you think and act.


The key to a more peaceful and less self-judgemental life, by developing the ability to live in and fully experience the present.

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Following our initial consultation, whenever you’re ready to begin, we can schedule a time to meet in my offices in South Woodford at a time that works for you. 

My South Woodford offices are located at:

Lily House
11 The Shrubberies
George Lane
South Woodford
E18 1BD

I will ensure at all times that you will feel safe, comfortable, and completely supported during our hypnotherapy or CBT sessions together here in South Woodford.

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