With the assistance of an experienced CBT therapist, you can change the way you think, feel about and react to specific things that bother you.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an effective therapeutic approach practiced by CBT therapists. It is based on recognition that, by changing the way we think about things, we can change the way that we feel, and so the way that we react.

Widely used by CBT therapists since the 1960s, CBT draws on clinical work dating all the way back to the 1920s. It helps you learn to overcome negative emotions and behaviour and consequently can help in managing depression, anxiety, anger issues, eating disorders, addictions and phobias, amongst other conditions.

How CBT works.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy requires a good deal of collaboration between clients and CBT therapists.

During our sessions we explore ways in which you  can challenge repetitive negative or destructive thoughts and thought processes that seem to lead to anxiety, depression or another debilitating state.

The adjustments required are specific to you, your difficulty, and your current mindset. As a result, CBT is a step-by-step approach that we take together, and which will usually involve you in ‘homework’ exercises between our sessions which we will have agreed on together.

These let you test, in real life, your ability to make small modifications to the way you look at and respond to specific challenges or trigger situations. 

Fortunately, CBT is extremely effective, and the strategies and coping skills that you acquire can be applied to all aspects of your life.

Paul has helped me through a very challenging last few months and facilitated me to do healing work on myself at a deep level. He always ‘had my back’ even when I didn’t. Paul has a natural gift. Highly, highly recommended. 


Does CBT actually help?

Clinical trials have shown that, when practiced by experienced CBT therapists, CBT can substantially reduce symptoms of many emotional disorders.

As a result, it can bring about long-lasting results and work for people with many different personality types.

A clinical study published in the Lancet found that “CBT was effective in reducing symptoms and improving patients’ quality of life.”

As an experienced CBT therapist, I have found that it usually takes 6-10 sessions for a client to acquire the techniques required to modify their way of thinking to gain the full benefit of CBT. 

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, CBT:

  • is the most effective psychological treatment for moderate to severe depression.
  • is as effective as antidepressants in treating many types of depression.

Conditions that respond particularly well to CBT.

As a CBT therapist, I have successfully used CBT  to help many clients retrain their way of looking at situations and triggers giving rise to a wide range of issues. 

You can read about these on my Concerns and Issues pages, but certain conditions are known to respond especially well.

Depression and Anxiety

CBT is perhaps most effective if you suffer from depression or anxiety of some kind. As we work through the sessions, you can develop positive and helpful ways of considering situations.

Eating Disorders

Again, CBT has proven extremely effective for clients dealing with bulimia, anorexia, or associated body dysmorphia.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

I have been able to achieve excellent results from CBT in helping clients with various kinds of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD), for whom an enshrined thought process has become a trigger for continuous or recurring tics or behaviours.

Paul Levrant. CBT Therapist

I have been using CBT to help clients with great success for several years. Having trained as a Hypnotherapist following a long and often stressful career in business, I use Hypnotherapy and CBT, usually in tandem (and often with the additional use of Mindfulness), to help clients find effective ways to deal with a wide range of life-inhibiting challenges.

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