The best hypnotherapy and mindfulness downloads available.

These hypnotherapy and mindfulness downloads, from publisher Uncommon Knowledge, are an outstanding resource of articles and audio recordings, for which there is a modest charge to download.

While these are not a substitute for one-to-one therapy with a qualified practitioner, you may find them a help in better understanding an issue that is troubling you, or even in taking some steps to dealing with such an issue.

I consider them to the best hypnotherapy and mindfulness downloads available, and the approach taken is generally very much in line with my own.

(For transparency, should you purchase any of these hypnotherapy and mindfulness downloads, I will receive a very modest affiliate commission from the publisher, Uncommon Knowledge.)

Further down the page, you will find a separate section, containing a number of my own pdf and mp3 audiofile resources. You are welcome to download these for your own use free of charge.

Uncommon Knowledge Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness downloads.

My own, free, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness downloads.

You are welcome to download these FREE anxiety and self-help resources ; work-sheets and audios for your own personal use and to share with friends and family.

*Please note: You are welcome to share these resources with your family and friends, but owing to copyright and related issues you may NOT repost them to social media platforms or other websites. We may lose the use of some or all of them if you do. Copyright in these resources resides with their respective owners.